Baby Corn Snake?

Many corn snake keepers prefer to start with baby corn snakes instead of adults. They may want babies to keep as pets or potentially for breeding at some future point. There are several advantages for starting out with a baby corn snake:

The Advantages

  • Baby / juvenile corn snakes cost less to purchase
  • Younger corn snakes cost less to house and feed
  • Well-started babies aren't likely to have any sicknesses
  • It's easier to find your favorite morph
  • You have the chance to see it grow it up and tame it yourself
  • Should a baby corn snake bite, you'll hardly feel it
  • Babies can live out their whole life with you
  • You and the baby snake can grow more accustomed to each other

There are many advantages to owning a baby corn snake vs an adult, but there are also some potential disadvantages:

The Disadvantages

  • Baby corn snakes may be harder to handle, especially for little children
  • If not well-started, baby snakes are sometimes difficult to get eating
  • If you want an adult it can take a few years for it to mature
  • Smaller snakes can be easier to accidentally lose and difficult to find if missing

As we see, there are pros and cons to buying an adult corn snake or a baby. But don't worry, both babies and adults make great pets and you can't go wrong with a corn snake of any age. In the end the choice is up to you.

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