Adult Corn Snake?

When deciding on the right corn snake to buy it's important to decide whether you want a baby or adult, or something in between. There are several advantages for starting out with an older corn snake:

The Advantages

  • Adult corn snakes may be easier to handle since they aren't so small
  • Adults have a history of eating and shedding, so you're more likely to know what you're getting into
  • If you're going to breed you can shave off a few years of preparation and be ready for next season
  • With adults you can often find "proven breeders", which have successfully produced offspring before
  • Since baby corn snakes can often change in coloration as they mature, having an adult leaves no guessing
  • It will be harder for an adult to escape and easier to find it should it happen

There are many advantages to owning an adult corn snake vs a baby, but you might also find some disadvantages:

The Disadvantages

  • Adults usually cost more to purchase than babies
  • Taming an adult snake may be more difficult and time consuming
  • Feeding and care will be more expensive with an older snake
  • It can be quite difficult to find a specific morph or look
  • You won't have the chance to see it grow it up and tame it yourself
  • Should an adult corn snake bite, it's more likely to leave a mark
  • You might not know anything about the snakes history, including any past health issues

As with buying a baby corn snake, there are pros and cons that should be considered in making your choice in purchasing a corn snake. Either way you choose, you will likely be happy with your choice.

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