Terms of Sale

The following are the terms of service that you agree to upon purchasing an animal from Arizonareptile.com.

Payment and Sale

Our preferred method of payment is Paypal. Paypal is the fast and secure payment system that allows you to pay using your credit or debit card, e-check, or Paypal balance. A Paypal account is not required to make payment. Arizona residents must add 8.05% for sales tax. If other payment methods are required, please contact us.


All animals are shipped via Fedex according to industry standards. Your purchase will ship Priority Overnight in an insulated box with added heat or cold packs as appropriate. Shipping to your nearest Fedex Staffed location that accepts reptiles, "hold for pickup", costs a flat rate of $40 within the United States. Shipping to your home or office is available for an extra fee. Plan for an early morning arrival (usually no later than noon).

Shipping will be done Monday through Wednesday for next day arrival. Shipping can only be done if the weather permits. When the weather is colder than 40°F or warmer than 95° it is generally not safe to ship using standard methods. If this is the case, contact us so we can arrange shipment at a better time. Local pickup is available by appointment for free (Mesa, AZ).

Guarantee of Live Arrival

We will follow appropriate shipping procedures to ensure the safe delivery of your animal, but it is up to you to pick up your package in a timely manner. We therefore guarantee live arrival provided that an adult picks up the package the day it is delivered (from the Fedex facility) or accepts the package for delivery on time (if shipped to your home or business). If shipping to your home or business you must supply your correct address to which Fedex is able to deliver. We are not responsible for the death of an animal if these conditions are not met.

Should an animal arrive dead even though you have followed these rules you are required to contact us within 4 hours to make a claim. To do so you must send at least (3) acceptable-quality photographs as evidence of your loss:

  1. Photo of the top of the snake for verification
  2. Photo of the bottom of the snake
  3. Photo of the box showing any damage

Provide the time of pickup and any other pertinent information. Upon verification a replacement animal may be shipped out or refund given. For high-dollar purchases return shipment of the frozen animal be required for proof.

Guarantee of Health

All animals are shipped out healthy to the best of our knowledge. Each animal has been kept in healthy conditions and shall be free of disease, mites, etc and have been eating well on appropriately-sized frozen/thawed rodents. We are not veterinary professionals however. Should there be a problem with an animal's health, it must be assessed by a competent professional (at buyers expense) and be reported within 2 days to make a claim. Exchange of the animal will be accepted or other arrangements may be made. Buyer and seller will each pay for shipping from their end.

Guarantee of Arrival as Described

All animals are shipped out as described. This includes the animal's genetic traits, gender, age, feeding habits or other stated information. Any misrepresentation is unintentional and arrangements will be made to settle up on any differences.

The Unforseen

Things happen, we get it. Should there be a problem with your order please be professional and courteous as we work together to solve the issue and we will do the same. Thank you.