Pet Corn Snakes

Some of the most popular pet reptiles to keep are corn snakes. Their docile nature, ease of care, moderate cost and medium size make them an ideal candidate for a first reptile pet or for more experienced keepers. A corn snake pet also offers a variety of beautiful morphs from which to choose. Many popular morphs include amelanistic, anerythristic and snow, but there are even fancier corn snake morphs as well as the classic corn snake, which is still a favorite for many. Other species that are similar in these regards include other kinds of ratsnakes, kingsnakes hognose snakes and some smaller boas.

Corn Snake Temperament

Corn snakes are generally more docile than many other pet snakes. Like most pet animals they should be taught from when they're young that you as their keeper are their friend. Taming a corn snake involves little more than holding it calmly often. Keeping a corn snake as a pet can be an enjoyable experience, but remember that animals have their own personalities too. Some corn snakes may be more or less aggressive than others and you need to learn to understand their behavior.

Simple Care

Corn snake pets and their care are not as demanding as many other pets. A corn snake habitat can be a simple enclosure that is safe and escape-proof, that offers the proper temperature and enough room for the snake to be comfortable. Feeding is straigtforward as a simple diet of appropriately-sized frozen/thawed mice about once a week. Clean water should be available for the snake at all times. Corn snakes should be held regularly so they learn to be calm and friendly. Under these conditions a corn snake should thrive, which is why corn snakes are a popular pet for children and first-time reptile keepers.

Low Cost Pets

Pet corn snakes are much more economical to keep than other types of animals. Corn snakes can be purchased for as little as $20 and many morphs are available for only a modest amount more. As with anything you can spend a lot of money if you wish, but if you keep your eye out you can find good deals to buy a corn snake as well as on enclosures, bedding, heating equipment and more.

Medium Size

Since corn snakes are neither "too big" nor "too small", their size makes them easier to handle than many other kinds of snakes. Corn snakes are usually between 4 and 5 feet in length as adults. Kids in particular don't do well with snakes that are outside of this range.

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