How Much is a Corn Snake?

One of the first questions to ask when considering making a purchase is how much a corn snake actually costs. How much a corn snake costs can be a difficult question to ask depending on your situation.

Seller Selection

Often the most important aspect in determining corn snake prices is who is selling it. As reptiles can be bought in a variety of places, ranging from classified ads to pet stores and local breeders to reptile shows, the prices can also vary to a great degree. Where a pet shop might sell a snake for $49 a local breeder may only charge you $20. With classified ads you may be lucky enough to get one for free. On the more expensive side there are corn snakes that cost in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Baby corn snakes are usually less expensive to buy than adults.


Since corn snakes are native to the United States they are easily found and purchased within the U.S. If you reside in another country you may find that corn snakes are not available for purchase or that they are priced much higher.

Housing / Caring

It's always important to consider the total cost to owning a pet. Apart from the up-front purchase price of the animal, you need to remember the cost of housing your snake and it's feeding. Your setup might cost $20-$30 on the cheap side and go upwards from there. Feeding can cost a couple of dollars per week or less if you can acquire it cheaper in bulk.

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