Buying a Corn Snake

There are a lot of considerations when buying a corn snake. There are many places to find corn snakes for sale, how do you choose the best place? There are pet stores, classified ads, reptile breeders and reptile shows. Below are some of the pros and cons to each choice.

Pet Stores

The easiest way to find a snake to buy is usually through the local pet store. This offers the convenience of allowing you to buy a snake any given day and for you to go see the animal for yourself. There are many differences in pet stores in what they offer and the way they care for your new pet. Specialty reptile shops are generally the best for both considerations and larger chain pet shops more interested in selling doggy treats generally aren't quite as good. Pet Shops are generally the most expensive because of their added overhead of running a store.
Be careful of: High prices, unhealthy animals and unknowledgeable staff.
Overall rating: Poor to Good.

Classified Ads

Another way to source reptiles for sale is through your local classifieds. Whether print or online, classifieds are a good way to find animals available for sale or adoption. As with pet shops, local classifieds are convenient when you want to find something nearby. You generally have to set up an appointment to see the animal as you're dealing with a private individual. This is often one of the cheapest ways to find a snake to buy.
Be careful of: Shady individuals, unhealthy or misrepresented animals.
Overall rating: Poor to Good.

Reptile Breeders

One of the best ways to purchase reptiles locally or online is through reputable reptile breeders. Because they are breeding the reptiles themselves they generally have the most knowledge about the animals generally and individually. Reptile breeders tend to sell for less than pet stores as many of them are the suppliers for the pet stores themselves. As with all of the options we're discussing, there are good reptile breeders and some that are not so good. There's nothing wrong with asking questions to get a better feel for who you're dealing with. Reptile breeders may be local, or offer shipping to remote locations. If shipping there is an added expense, but the variety offered online can't be beat, and even with an added shipping cost their prices often still beat out a local store.
Be careful of: Shady breeders, high total costs.
Overall rating: Good to Excellent.

Reptile Shows

Another excellent option is the reptile show. Shows happen periodically and there may be one near you. Here the breeders and pet shops all display their animals and are there to answer your questions. The variety of animals for sale is usually very good and you can always see the animals in person. For many people though reptile shows aren't close enough and happen far to infrequently to be of much good. They also usually charge admission and can be quite crowded.
Be careful of: Shady breeders, high admissions.
Overall rating: Good to Excellent.

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