2017 Corn Snakes

Amel Stripe

Available: 0.2.2 Amel Stripe Corn Snake
Traits: amelanistic, stripe
Description: Amelanistic stripe corn snakes combine amelanism with the striped pattern. Their lighter colors include red, orange and yellow with reddish stripes along most of their back.
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Available: 4.4.9 Diffused Corn Snake
Traits: diffused
Description: Diffused or Bloodred corn snakes are missing the typical ventral checkered patterns. They carry an almost solid ground color. Hatchlings have a visible pattern that can fade as they mature into a solid orange red to ash red colored snake.
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Fire Motley

Available: 0.1.0 Fire Motley Corn Snake
Traits: amelanistic, diffused, motley
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Available: 0.1.2 Granite Corn Snake
Traits: anerythristic, diffused
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Hypo Lavender

Available: 1.1.0 Hypo Lavender Corn Snake
Traits: hypomelanistic, lavender
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Hypo Plasma

Available: 1.0.0 Hypo Plasma Corn Snake
Traits: diffused, hypomelanistic, lavender
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Hypo Sunkissed Motley

Available: 1.0.0 Hypo Sunkissed Motley Corn Snake
Traits: hypomelanistic, sunkissed, motley
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Available: 2.1.2 Hypomelanistic Corn Snake
Traits: hypomelanistic
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Available: 0.0.1 Normal Corn Snake
Traits: none
Description: Normal corn snakes are what is found in the wild. They have no additional genetic traits such as amelanism, anerythrism, etc. They can vary naturally from snake to snake and region to region as well as be line-bred for targeting certain features.
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Salmon Snow

Available: 1.2.0 Salmon Snow Corn Snake
Traits: amelanistic, anerythristic, strawberry
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Sunkissed Motley

Available: 3.1.5 Sunkissed Motley Corn Snake
Traits: motley, sunkissed
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Fire ($60)

2016 Corn Snakes

Tessera Motley/stripe

Available: 4.0.0 Tessera Motley/stripe Corn Snake
Traits: motley, stripe, tessera
$80 - $100 - More Info

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