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2016 Corn Snakes

Butter Motley/stripe ($50)
Available: 1.0.0 Butter Motley/stripe Corn Snake
Traits: amelanistic, caramel, motley, stripe
Description: Butter motley/stripe corn snakes are butters with both the motley and stripe traits present. There may be varying degrees of motley and striped patterns visible.
Lavender ($30)
Available: 1.0.0 Lavender Corn Snake
Traits: lavender
Description: Lavender corn snakes start out having varying tones of brown and gray with a small amount of purplish colors. As they mature their lavender shades improve and may also contain some amount of peach.
Salmon Snow ($90)
Available: 0.1.0 Salmon Snow Corn Snake
Traits: amelanistic, anerythristic, strawberry
Sunkissed ($30 - $40)
Available: 0.1.0 Sunkissed Corn Snake
Traits: sunkissed
Description: Sunkissed (or Hypo type B) corn snakes are similar to other hypomelanistic types, and have reduced blacks leaving more reds, oranges, yellows and whites than normal corns.
Tessera Motley/stripe ($100 - $110)
Available: 5.1.0 Tessera Motley/stripe Corn Snake
Traits: motley, stripe, tessera

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2015 Corn Snakes

Coral Ghost ($75)
Available: 2.0.0 Coral Ghost Corn Snake
Traits: anerythristic, strawberry
Description: Coral ghosts are the result of the anery and strawberry traits. There is still debate on whether or not hypo is also a factor. Coral ghosts can exhibit bright pinks as they mature. We believe our coral ghosts contain only strawberry and anery. Originally from the JMG line of quality coral ghosts.

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Normal ($15)

Salmon Snow ($125)
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