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2015 Corn Snakes

This year's babies aren't here yet, they'll be ready for sale in August. We've got lots of other animals for sale right now though, check them out.

2014 Corn Snakes

Coral Ghost ($100)
Available: 1.1.1 Coral Ghost Corn Snake
Traits: anerythristic, strawberry
Description: Coral ghosts are the result of the anery and strawberry traits. There is still debate on whether or not hypo is also a factor. Coral ghosts can exhibit bright pinks as they mature. We believe our coral ghosts contain only strawberry and anery. Originally from the JMG line of quality coral ghosts.
Salmon Snow ($150)
Available: 0.1.0 Salmon Snow Corn Snake
Traits: amelanistic, anerythristic, strawberry

Sold Out

Diffused ($50)

Orchid ($150)

2013 Corn Snakes

Hypo Cinder ($200)
Available: 1.0.0 Hypo Cinder Corn Snake
Traits: cinder, hypomelanistic
Tessera ($150)
Available: 0.1.0 Tessera Corn Snake
Traits: tessera

Sold Out

Butter ($35)

Cinder ($100)

Diffused ($30 - $35)

Fire ($45)

Normal ($20 - $40)

Opal Stripe ($100)

Orchid ($175)

Pied Sided Bloodred ($200 - $400)

Snow ($40)
There is a flat-rate of $40 for shipping on all orders.
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